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Hey there! My name is Keaton Baker I am 22 years old and I love photography and videography. My love for photography goes back to when I was a kid, my father would take me hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I would spend my week with a disposable camera, I only had twenty something shots but it was so much fun. Another time, shortly after my grandfather got his first digital camera he let me borrow it and I came back with 900 pictures of an animal that I had followed in the woods. 

Now I do similar things when I am out and about gathering more photos and experiences to share with my Landscape photos. But I didn't want to stop there, I have a love for people too and I want to share my gift of photography with more people than just myself. That is why I do family photos, because I want to come alongside you and your loved ones to help you document memories that you can cherish together forever.  

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