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Nikon B500

If you are looking for a camera that is easy to use, portable, and is cost effective, I would recommend using the Nikon B500. It is referred to as a point and shoot. I have never personally used this camera, but I have heard great things about it. If you are looking to capture memories and don't want the hassle of learning how a camera works this is the camera for you! 

Canon Rebel T6

This camera is a great starter camera, I started out with the previous version of this camera, so I will always be fond of it. It is great to learn how to operate a camera and learn if photography is something that you might want to pursue. I would recommend this camera to any beginner who would like to get into photography, but would not recommend it if you are interested in videography as well. It is a great starter camera for stills, but lacks good video features. 

Sony a6300

If you are looking for a starter camera and are interested in photography and videography this is the camera for you. It is a camera that is fairly expensive but it allows you to learn most of the things you would need to take the step up to a professional grade camera. I recently switched from canon to Sony, and I am a huge fan of Sony cameras because of the versatility they allow you to have between photos and video. This camera has a few new versions that give you more modern features, but this camera gives you a good place to start learning how to take photos and videos at a lower price. 

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